Gary Foote, Home Improvement Contractor and Handyman

Hi there! I'm Gary, a home improvement contractor and handyman newly based in State College, Pennsylvania.

Gary Foote, Jr. 

Handyman and Home Improvement Contractor

Licensed and Insured in Pennsylvania

State College, PA 16803

(607) 227-1823


About Me

My work in home improvement is rooted in a simple phrase: “I’m happy to help.” For years I stepped in when family, friends, and friends of friends couldn’t find reliable, affordable help with tasks and projects in their homes — and I loved it. I called upon my decades’ worth of experience in various fields: interior and exterior painting, tree work, woodwork, landscaping and gardening, appliance diagnostics and repair, home improvement retail — and even, my favorite, creative building projects with my young son. Eventually I decided to go into the business of home improvement full time. 

I relocated from Ithaca, NY to State College in June of 2017. I am licensed, insured, and excited to reestablish my operations in this beautiful town!

My Services

The following are examples of my primary offerings. If you need help with something, and you're not sure whether I could help, please give me a call. I'm always happy to consult. 


  • Household Repairs

  • Household Installations

  • Appliance Diagnostics and/or Repair

  • Interior Painting

  • Lawn Care

  • Gardening

  • Tree Pruning

  • Odd Jobs

My Values

Reliability and Punctuality. I prioritize returning calls promptly and keeping appointments with fidelity.

Affordability. I pride myself on my commitment to offering clients fair and realistic prices.

Quality and Efficiency. I always offer my best work, without delay or unnecessary prolongation.

Trustworthiness. If I cannot do a job well I won't do it at all, and instead I'll do what I can to help you find other help.

Safety. I am dedicated to the maintenance of a safe environment, whether for you, your family, and/or your pets.



I have relied upon Gary for help with so many things around my house, and he has always delivered expertly. It is not easy to find people who are so dependable, so competent, and so hard-working. And he made so many of my projects simpler; when I found that my dryer was broken, for example, and I had resigned myself to buying a new dryer, Gary took one look at it and declared it a quick fix. He bought a new part, replaced it, and reengineered the vents so that I won’t run into this problem again. Thanks to Gary, I was using the dryer again that same day, and I saved so much money!

I will miss him when he relocates to Pennsylvania, but I recommend his services most highly.
— Elizabeth Strayhorn, Ithaca NY
Gary is a talented and artistic landscaper. He does great work in giving gardens, lawns, and patios a fresh look. He can prune trees, lay out a garden, and plant flowers, shrubs, and trees for a beautiful finished project. Gary also does a great job on household repairs, building, and yard maintenance.
— Shirley Duell, Ithaca NY

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